Audience EVO 16

SKU: 11-EVO16

The ideal centerpiece for any serious (home) studio!

Eight award winning EVO Preamps alongside our advanced converter technology will make everything you do, sound better. Add to that, intelligent mic preamps that set their own levels with Smartgain, the all new, groundbreaking Motion UI control system, and enough I/O firepower to tackle even the biggest of sessions, EVO 16 is truly a studio powerhouse, designed from the ground up to make recording easy.

Preamps: 8 x EVO Mic Preamps, 2 x JFET Instrument Inputs
Headphone out: 2 x Independent Headphone Outputs
Outputs: 8 x Line Outputs
Optical Inputs: 2 x Optical Inputs
Optical Outputs: 2 x Optical Outputs
Special Features: Multi-Channel Smartgain, EVO Motion UI' Control System, Programmable Function Button, Ultra-Low Latency Software Mixer
Connections: USB2.0 (USB-C Connection)
Bit rate: 24bit / 96kHz