Boss SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay

SKU: 2-SDE-3000D

Hot off the press: this new dual delay, based on the legendary SDE-3000 rack delay from the eighties!

In 1983, Roland started a true revolution with the SDE-300 Delay. The SDE300 was the first of its kind: a digital rack delay with crystal clear repeats, countless routing options and the possibility of unprecedentedly long delay times. The precision and flexibility weren't the only charm: thanks to the high-quality, custom-made components, the SDE-300 retained an analog, musical vibe that you recognize out of thousands despite a digital heart. Now, 40 years later, Boss brings that same magical delay sound to your pedalboard in the form of the SDE-3000D and SDE-3000EVH.

Let's list the most important features of the Boss SDE-3000D. The first thing you notice are the 3 footswitches of the pedal. The first two, DDL1 and DDL2, immediately reveal that you have 2 independent delays at your disposal, which you can use alternately or simultaneously. You can choose between a series or parallel connection for different (stereo) results. With the TAP-CTL footswitch you determine the tempo or a parameter that you designate yourself. Like the original, the SDE-3000D includes a distinctive modulation section that lets you color your delays. In terms of connections, you are spoiled for choice: you can choose stereo or dual-mono configurations so that you can build multi-amp and wet-dry setups, among other things. There is also in-depth Midi integration and you have the option of far-reaching controls with optional footswitches, including the extensive GA-FC footswitch . And all this is just a sampling of the endless list of features of the SDE-3000D!