Crazy Tube Circuits

Crazy Tube Circuits White Whale Reverb & Tremolo

SKU: 4-63662

A real Spring Reverb and Tremolo On your Pedalboard: The White Whale makes it possible!

Why compromise with digital recreations when you can do it completely analog? That's what they wondered at Crazy Tube Circuits when designing the White Whale. This pedal is exactly that: a real spring reverb plus a completely analog tremolo, in the smallest possible housing.

Actually, they could have stopped there - because it just doesn't get any cooler - but the White Whale has even more to offer. The Reverb has separate controls for Mix, Dwell and Tone and you have not one, but two types of tremolo at your disposal: optical and bias-shifting. And if that wasn't enough, the White Whale has two Expression inputs, so you can control the reverb mix and tremolo speed separately, for example. A classic effect with modern upgrades!

Effect Type: True Spring Reverb + Analog Tremolo
Controls: Tremolo Depth/Speed, Reverb Mix/Tone/Dwell, Tremolo Type Toggle, 2/3 Spring Toggle
Connections: In, Out, Reverb EXP, Tremolo EXP, 9V DC in