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Cream T '57 GT Aged Nickel (Set)

SKU: 10-CT 57 GT

Exact replica of the pickups from Geoff Whitehorn's '57 Les Paul Goldtop. Unbelievable, what a tone!

With the Super Scanner technology, Cream T and Thomas Nilsen literally have gold in their hands. With this unique tool, Cream T is able to read old pickups 100% and then reproduce them 1-on-1. For example, with these '57 GT pickups you don't have elements that approach the sound of a '57 PAF, but literally sound the same. Unbelievable!

Here's what George Whitehorn has to say about the '57 GT pickups:

I bought 7 6652 from Guitar Village, Top Gear's sister shop in Shaftesbury Avenue, in August 1972 as a 21st birthday present to myself.
I still had a proper job at the time and was working just around the corner in Covent Garden. A very dear friend of mine, Guy Mason (RIP), was working at GV and I'd asked him to let me know if and when any '50s sunburst LPs came into the shop.
He called me at work and said “We've got one”, so I was round there like a shot and, of course, it was a gold top. It was far from immaculate even then but I had to have it.
Sounds like a bargain at £350, but I was probably earning about twenty quid a week at the time.

So, Happy Birthday, me.

I used the guitar extensively during my time with IF, Maggie Bell, Crawler and on all my session work in the '70s and '80s. Needless to say, it doesn't come out much anymore.

The following year I got hold of a three-pickup '58 LP Custom for £400 which I stupidly sold in the early '80s for £1k to cover a tax bill, but that's another story...

If I'd known then what I know now…

The Scan Process

Thomas Nilsen from Cream T came down to scan the pickups on my '57 with his magic scanning box. I asked him what it did, he said if he told me he'd have to kill me…
I've done some sound clips A/B-ing my original PAFs with the Cream T's and I honestly can't hear a difference. I have no idea what Thomas is doing, but I hope he carries on doing it…

Jeff Whitehorn

    • Humbucker Pickups
    • Boxed in bespoke '57 GT packaging
    • Comes with a certificate of authentication
    • 100% exact electronic reproductions of the pickups in Geoff Whitehorn's 1957 Les Paul Gold Top
    • Neck Output approx: 7.3k*
    • Bridge Output approx: 7.5k*
    • Magnet: Alnico II

*measured with HD calibrated high end multi-meter in controlled conditions.