Cream T

Cream T BFG Banger Aged Nickel (Set)


Used by Billy Gibbons for over 10 years: the Cream T Bangers! Think '59 PAF but 'hotter'

After years of searching for the perfect humbucker, Thomas of Cream T Pickups and ZZ Top guitarist Billy F Gibbons finally came up with the answer: the BFG Bangers! If you're looking for a pickup that's been engineered to perfection and endorsed by one of the world's top guitarists, this could be the pickup for you. Slightly hotter than the pickups Mr. Gibbons has in his '59 Les Paul Sunburst, the BFG Bangers lend themselves to both vintage oriented players and modern guitarists who want that little bit extra. This time with beautiful Aged Nickel covers.

  • Humbucker Pickups
  • Boxed in a luxury display case (full sets only)
  • The result of a close relationship between Billy F Gibbons & Thomas of Cream T
  • Neck Output approx: 7.3k*
  • Bridge Output approx: 8.9k*

*measured with HD calibrated high end multi-meter in controlled conditions.
Pickup build may vary