Eich Bassboard S


Eich Bassboard S

The bass players who play with an 'in-ear system' know it: Not enough pressure, the lack of sub-bass and the resulting lack of control and uncertainty: Where has my sound gone? Am I still playing tight? can't hear myself!
The BassBoard is the ideal subwoofer system for any stage, studio, rehearsal room or home. Two TS100 converters suppress the bass that you feel throughout your body. A great experience and don't want to do it without the Bass Board. The extra "Phone" out and the vibration-free mount of the base plate allow you to practice late at night from home without disturbing others.
The BassBoard can be connected to the T-500, T-900 or the T-1000.
This combination creates a self-sufficient system that suits every occasion. Another option is to connect it to a bass amp speaker output or run it in parallel with the normal speaker. Made in Germany.


Extremely low noise construction
Decoupled base plate
Excellent transient response
High dynamic reserves
»Phone Out«
Extremely flexible applications
4 different sizes available!