Oak T1000

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Oak T1000

The EICH T1000 is very small in size, but very big in sound. Due to the use of high-quality components, the compact "Klangwunder" covers all frequency ranges and convinces with a powerful bass sound. The exclusive features in combination with our new ultra-linear high end amp and defines the new standard in this amp class.
Due to the effective tone control, all styles are transferred perfectly.
The T-series features a four-band tone control that provides a wide variety of sounds. The "Taste" function makes it possible to characterize the timbre of the instrument. In the middle position the tone is neutral. When turned to the left, the deep bass is filtered out and the midrange is emphasized, the ultimate fretless tone. Turning to the right attenuates the higher frequencies, and the T-series produces a pumping bass sound. Effects loop, Tuner Out, Line Out, Line In and three Speakon® outputs and a DI with pre/post switch and ground lift switch with multiple connection options.
A whisper-quiet fan optimizes the temperature-dependent analog control in the T-1000 and keeps the amp cool even under full load.
With its "Magnet fix pins" the T-1000 fixes itself securely on the AmpFixing rails of our cabinets. (The magnet fix pins are not available in the US)


Extremely lightweight
switching power supply
Class D Poweramp
"DAS" direct airflow system
Digital, super-quiet fan control
Magnet Fix pins (not available in the US)
»Taste« Filter
4-band EQ
pre/post »DI out«
Transformer balanced »DI out«
Ground lift switch
115 / 230V switch
Compressor with switchable »Attack Time«
»Bass Boost« and »Hi Boost« switch
»Mute« & »Compressor« -footswitch connection
CH-B with 200 Hz »Lo Pass« Filter and +12 dB »Sub-Boost«
1000W Power