Gamechanger Audio

Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal


A Bigsby on your pedalboard: this polyphonic pitch shifter is incredible!

The Bigsby for guitars without Bigsby, that's how you can actually sum up the Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal. The spring-back Bigsby tailpiece on the pedal lets you recreate the original's signature pitch-shifting with any guitar. That's cool enough, but since we're dealing with a digital pitch shifter here, you can effortlessly control the range of the effect. This way you can create a subtle wobble , or a full quarter down and everything in between. So you can even perform Floyd Rose and lap steel-like tricks. You also have a handy blend knob, so you can mix your dry signal for chorus-like sounds.

A unique addition is the detune button, which mimics the imperfections of physical Bigsbys. At the back of the pedal you will also find a number of smart features, including an expression output. So you can use the Bigsby Pedal as a unique, spring-loaded expression pedal! Furthermore, the pedal has full Midi integration and you can invert the effect with the invert button.

Effect Type: Pitch Shifter
Controls: Rate, Blend, Depth
Connections: In, Out, Expression, Midi In, Invert, 9V DC In (250mA)