Gamechanger Audio

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Coil


Created in collaboration with Jack White and Third Man Records: the extra rugged Plasma Coil!

The Gamechanger Audio Plasma Coil is a variation of the popular Plasma Pedal , designed in collaboration with rock legend Jack White and his label Third Man Records. Where the Plasma Pedal was already rough, the Plasma Coil goes even further. This pedal does not contain a blend control. Instead, you have access to 6 different octave effects, which are created by cleverly manipulating and analyzing the input signal. This results in glitchy, sputtering ring modulator-like effects. The FX section of the pedal can be switched on via the additional footswitch, which can be set to both latching and momentary. If you didn't find the Plasma Pedal bizarre enough, check out the even dirtier Plasma Coil!

Effect Type: Distortion
Controls: Voltage, Volume, Low Frequencies, High Frequencies, FX MODE
Connections: In, Out, Latch/Momentary, 9V DC In (250mA)