GR Bass AeroTech AT210

SKU: 2-AT210/8

2x10 cabinet with 600 watts of power, weighs 10 kilos... WOW! The AeroTech series from the Italian GR Bass.

This is one of the most eye-catching innovations in the bass world: the new lightweight GR Bass AeroTech speaker cabinets, this time in the AT210 version. No less than 600 watts of power with 2x10" speakers, with a total weight of less than 10 kilos. That is unique to say the least. For comparison: the wooden 2x10 speaker cabinet from GR Bass weighed 16 kilos. The cabs from this brand new series of the Italian brand are without a doubt the lightest speaker cabinets currently available. How did they do that? After years of R&D, GR Bass found the right combination of materials and production methods to create a new type of speaker cabinet with the Best performance to weight ratio: as much power as possible, with as little weight as possible. They call this themselves the Featherweight class, and there is no lie to that. The speaker cabinets from this series weigh about 40 to 50% less than a standard bass cab. They have achieved this, among other things, by looking at technology and production methods from the aerospace industry (that's where the name Aero Tech comes from), where everything revolves around efficiency in terms of size and especially weight. By combining a number of carbon fiber layers and an underlying lightweight substrate as a replacement for wood, they have succeeded in making a speaker cabinet that is not only incredibly light, but also extremely strong. And not entirely unimportant: the new AeroTech speaker cabinets also sound amazing. GR Bass has developed a patented technology that makes it possible to tune the material of the speaker cabinet so that it reacts, moves and resonates like wood, without the added weight. The result is a full-range balanced sound where you don't lift yourself into a hernia!

All advantages at a glance:

  • The AeroTech speaker cabinets are about 40% lighter than wood/plywood cabinets. Very nice with loading and unloading!
  • These new speaker cabinets have a much greater consistency in both weight and sound than regular cabs. The use of non-organic material makes it possible to find the ideal combination between the speakers and the cabinet.
  • The AeroTech speaker cabinets are very sturdy, so you won't be bothered by noise. The result is an incredibly focused sound.

POWER : 600W RMS (AES Standard)
DIMENSIONS : 55 H, 51 W, 30 D cm
WEIGHT : 10 Kg
COLORS : Carbon Fiber + Tolex black.
IMPEDANCE : 4 ohms
BASS REFLEX : on front
TWEETER : 4 positions switch