Laney LA30BL


The world famous Laney Supergroup, now in a manageable 30 watt version!

The design of the Laney Supergroup dates back to the late 1960s - a time when guitarists - to put it mildly - played a little louder than they do today. But if you listen to recordings from that time, you will hear that the sound and power of this non-master volume cannon is undeniable. Take a Black Sabbath; you can hardly ignore that!

Now there is the Laney LA30BL, which makes the legendary rock sounds from the Supergroup amplifier possible in an extremely manageable power of 30 Watts. Just like the original, you have nice and simple controls: presence, bass, middle, treble and gain are the controls that you have at your disposal. In addition, you can connect the 2 separate inputs in series ("jumping") for more gain. Because the LA30BL has no master volume, the amplifier has a lot less compression than many similar 30-watts. This makes it - in addition to being a genuine rock monster - an ideal platform for your pedals. Very nice! The LA30BL naturally sounds the best because of the matching LA212 speaker cabinet.

Power: 30W
Controls: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain
Impedance: 1x 16 Ohm, 1x 8 Ohm & 1x 4 Ohm
Connectors: Bass channel and Treble channel
dimensions: 220mm x 620mm x 220mm
Weight: 10.5kg