Markbass Little Mark 58R

SKU: 2-MB114600

The Little Mark 58R shows how Markbass is raising the bar in the bass amp world!

The MB58R Series is the latest achievement in the Markbass arsenal, with which the brand once again proves how much they are in the middle of the now. This ultra-light bass amp head has a distinctly ergonomic design. All important buttons and controls are on the front panel; only the Speaker outputs and the Power connection can be found at the back. Everything is therefore easily accessible, which seems like a small detail, but in a rushed performance situation it can just save your evening!

The controls in question do not lie; you have access to a 4-band EQ, an innovative limiter and a three-way rotary control for your mids - just to name a few things. And then the icing on the cake: thanks to its feather-light 2 kg, this MB58R is easy to take with you!

Connections: Input, Effects Loop, DI Out, Speaker Out (Speakon)
Gain, Master, Line Out, Old School, EQ Curve Switch (Flat/Scooped/Footswitch) , 4-Band EQ (Low, Low Mid, High Mid, High)
Weight: 2kg
dimensions: 10.87”/ 27.6cm (w); 3.27”/ 8.3cm (h); 10.08”/ 25.6cm(d)
OutputPower: 500W@4ohm / 300W@8ohm