Mesa/Boogie California Tweed 2:20 1x10 Combo Cream Bronco

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An elegant, Tweed-inspired 1x10 Combo from Mesa Boogie!

In the late 1960s, Randall Smith built his very first boutique amplifier as a tribute to the tweed circuits of the fifties. The Mesa/Boogie California Tweed 2:20 harkens back to that original Boogie design with that same, hyper-dynamic sound, designed around 6V6 tubes. Like the original, this single-channel combo is located exactly at the tipping point between clean and overdriven, resulting in an extremely expressive amplifier.

Although the California Tweed only contains one channel, it is no less flexible. First of all, you have a normal and low input to limit the output of guitars with humbuckers, for example. The EQ section is extremely powerful and the presence knob allows you to adjust the top treble to taste; especially nice with overdriven sounds. You can also reduce the wattage of the amplifier from 20 Watts to 10 Watts or 1 Watt, so that you can enjoy the distortion at lower volumes. Finally, you have access to an analog spring reverb and a tube-driven effects loop.

Model Name: California Tweed 2:20 Combo
Amplifier Type: Tube Amp
Color: Cream Bronco
Inputs: 1
Channels: 1 Channel
Preamp Tubes: 5x Mesa 12AX7 & 1x Mesa 12AT7
Power Amp Tubes: 2x Mesa 6V6
Speaker: 8 Ohm Jensen Blackbird ALNICO 40 (10")
Wattage: Multi-Watt 1, 10, or 20
Cabinet Material: Marine Grade, Baltic Birch
Control Knobs: White Knobs
Weight: 12 kg
Dimensions: 41.3 cm x 41.9 cm x 25.4 cm