Milkman 10W Pint 1x12 Combo Vanilla


10 Watts of powerful cleans and rich overdrive, with reverb and tremolo. Boutique at its best!

Milkman's 10 Watt Pint is an exceptionally flexible amplifier. Every detail has been designed to make the amp sound beautiful in any setting. Thanks to the cleverly designed 6V6 output stage, the amp is not only louder, but also more dynamic than its little brother, the 5 Watt Half Pint. The Tube-driven Tremolo and Spring Reverb are unadulteratedly smooth and take this Milkman from a bluesy wobble to over-the-top surf sounds. The model discussed here is equipped with a 1x12 Jupiter Alnico Speaker. This speaker has a nicely smoothed midrange, which gives the amp a nice "woody" touch. A nice side benefit of this is that the 10W Pint retains its heat when you play softer; the midrange remains silky smooth!

Model: 10W Pint
Colour: Vanilla
Wattage: 10 Watts
Tubes: 1x 6V6
Speaker: 1x12” Jupiter Alnico
Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Depth