Paul Reed Smith

PRS Custom 24 Piezo Cobalt Smokeburst

SKU: 1-0360216

What an amazing maple top on this PRS Custom 24 Piezo, in a beautiful blue color.

With the well-known Custom 24 as a base, this PRS Custom 24 Faded Whale Blue goes even further with the addition of an LR Baggs Piezo system. With this you can, in addition to the fantastic electric sounds of PRS, also get a very convincing (and usable!) palette of acoustic sounds from the guitar. The Pattern Thin neck feels nice, and is slightly slimmer than the Pattern Regular necks. The guitar is equipped with two outputs, so you can choose to send the Piezo to a separate amp/soundboard, or to get a mixed output signal. Thanks to the Blend button and the 3-way switch, it is easy to find a good balance between electric and acoustic. The piezo can also be switched off, so that you can also use the traditional Custom 24 sounds! The Magnetic pickups have also had a major upgrade in the form of TCI. Includes case.

What is TCI?

TCI is an abbreviation for Tuned Capacitance and Inductance treatment . This way of fine tuning pickups originated during the design process of the Silver Sky, in collaboration with John Mayer. Both Paul Reed Smith and John Mayer were obsessed with recreating the Stratocaster single coils from the '63 to '65 as accurately as possible, with just the right balance of highs and lows. When a pickup is wound, the coils are also capacitors (capacitance), resistors and inductors (inductance) at the same time. Until now these three elements could not be influenced separately, but Paul Reed Smith has cracked the code to isolate and fine-tune these factors. Thanks to the TCI treatment, the pickups are now even better tuned to the guitar to produce the purest guitar sound to date. TCI is therefore more than just a new kind of pick-up, it is a completely innovative process. That process is now applied to all PRS pickups offered in the Core line, with the exception of some Signature models.

Top Wood: Carved Figured Maple
Finish: Faded Whale Blue
Body Wood: Mahogany
Number of Frets: 24
Scale Length: 25"
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Fretboard Wood: Rosewood
Fretboard Inlays: Birds
Neck Shape: Pattern Thin
Bridge: PRS Tremolo
Tuners: PRS Phase III Locking Tuners
Hardware Type: Hybrid
Treble Pickup: 85/15 TCI
Bass Pickup: 85/15 TCI
Piezo System: PRS/LR Baggs Piezo

Controls: Volume, Tone, 5-Way Pickup Selector/3-Way Selector and Blend Switch for Piezo
Case: Case Included