Paul Reed Smith

PRS HDRX 20 Head (+ PRS HDRX 1x12 Closed Back Speaker Cabinet )


Based on the circuit of Hendrix's personal amp known from Woodstock!

In 2021, PRS introduced a new amplifier family: The HDRX. The 50 and 100 Watt versions were designed around Jimi Hendrix's personal amplifiers - used at Woodstock, among others. This HDRX 20 is the latest addition to this impressive line!

The PRS HDRX 20 is more than a 20 Watt version of its bigger brothers. It contains a master volume control, which gives it a whole dimension of flexibility. So you can now choose whether you want to kick the pre- or output stage the most, with a variety of sounds as a result. The Bass and Treble channels are jumpered internally and you have independent control over both volumes. As icing on the cake, there is the high/mid gain switch, which gives the HDRX a significant gain boost for better tearing if desired. What an inspiring amp! Also available including matching cabinet.

    two 5881 power tubes
    3-band TMB tone stack
    2-way bright switch
    high-mid gain switch and presence controls
    internally bridged channels with individual treble and bass volume controls
    a master volume control