Sire Marcus Miller

Sire Marcus Miller V7 2nd Gen Alder 5-String Burgundy Mist

SKU: 1-V7+ A5/BM

The awesome second generation V7 J-Bass from Sire Marcus Miller in a beautiful Burgundy Mist finish!

Top Basses from Sire with Marcus Miller's endorsement. And then you know it's good! The 4-string variants are already very popular models, and believe us: the 5-string variants of Sire are also really worth it. The aim of the partnership between Marcus Miller and Sire is to make quality basses with great playability at very attractive prices, making them accessible to everyone. And that you get value for your money, as this Sire Marcus Miller V7 2nd Gen Alder 5-String Burgundy Mist proves! After years of R&D and a successful 1st Gen line-up, we have now arrived at the so-called 2nd Gen Sire Marcus Miller basses. The top price, great sounds and unique playability of these models have remained, but this last point has been expanded even further. For example, all 2nd Gen Sire Marcus Miller basses are equipped with rolled or fretboard edges. This option is normally only possible within Custom Shop models, because it is a fairly labour-intensive process. Yet Sire and Marcus Miller have managed to reproduce this process time and time again, making the price still as attractive as before. Other noteworthy features include the North American Alder body, a one-piece hard maple neck and a luxurious ebony fingerboard. The electronics are also all right with this Sire Marcus Miller V7 2nd Gen Alder 5-String Burgundy Mist, because the Super J-Revolution pickups really sound like the Formvar elements from an old Jazz Bass. In addition, we also find Sire's unique pre-amp system on this V7 2nd Gen. First of all we find a master volume/tone dual potentiometer and a pickup blend knob, and once in the active position you can use a full 3-band eq with extra mid boost/cut mini potentiometer! This way you can fine-tune your sound exactly.

Body Material: Alder
Body Shape: New Marcus Miller Jazz Type
Body Color: Burgundy Mist
Neck Material: 1 Piece Hard Maple
Neck Shape: C Shape
Scale: 34”
Fingerboard: Hard Maple (rolled edges)
Fingerboard Radius: 9.5”
Frets: 20 Medium Small Frets
String Nut: Natural Bone 46mm
Binding: 1 Ply Ivory
Inlay: White Pearloid Block
Neck Joint: 4 bolt steel square plate
Pickups: Marcus Super-J Revolution set
Electronics: Marcus heritage-3 with middle frequency control
Controls: volume / tone (dual pot)