Strymon BRIG dBucket Delay


Incredibly beautiful analog delay sounds, with a full stereo function as icing on the cake!

After the successful Cloudburst, the BRIG is the second Strymon pedal with an extra compact housing. Don't let its size fool you though, because the BRIG is an extremely powerful and high-quality delay!

The principle of the BRIG is simple: it is a digital delay with an incredibly unconvincing analog bucket brigade sound. The SHARC DSP chip in the BRIG is extremely powerful and guarantees a sublime sound that you can easily spice up thanks to the 3 different voices in combination with the filter and modulation functions. Under the footswitch is a hidden tap-tempo function that you activate by holding it down for a few seconds and as icing on the cake, the BRIG is fully stereo. The BRIG sounds warm, organic and unmistakably vintage!

Effect Type: Delay
Controls: Time, Mix, Filter, Repeats, Mod, Chip Select
Connections: Stereo In/Out, 9V DC In, EXP/Midi, USB, Mono/Stereo Toggle