Strymon Ultraviolet Univibe


Strymon Does it again: Incredibly beautiful sounding Univibe with Stereo functionality!

After the Cloudburst and Brig, the Ultraviolet is the third member of Strymon's single footswitch lineup. This purple powerhouse is a hyper-realistic recreation of the original Univibe from the '60s. That in itself is of course cool, but Strymon wouldn't be Strymon if they hadn't added tons of extra features. To start with, the Ultraviolet can be fully programmed via MIDI and the pedal is completely stereo (You read that correctly: we are dealing with a stereo univibe here). !). Furthermore, the Ultraviolet contains a handy bias toggle switch with which you can adjust the character of the sweep to taste.

Effect Type: Univibe
Controls: Speed, Intensity, Volume, Low/Mid/High, Chorus/Blend/Vibrato
Connections: Stereo In/Out, 9V DC In, EXP/Midi, USB, Mono/Stereo Toggle