Supro 1986RK Keeley Custom 12 Combo

SKU: 2-1968RK_EU

Designed in collaboration with pedal builder extraordinaire Robert Keeley, the ultimate platform for your effects!

You know it: you have a nice collection of (overdrive) pedals on your pedalboard from which you get all your sounds. All you need is a handy combo that reproduces the sound of your favorite pedals as beautifully as possible. That's exactly what the Supro 1986RK Keeley Custom 12 combo was designed for. And that under 20 kg!

The 1986RK is designed for a neutral yet powerful clean sound that lets your overdrives and distortions sound their best. You have access to 4 simple controls: Volume, Treble, Bass and Master. So you get all other tone-shaping from your pedals; adjust them to taste and the 1986RK amplifies them in full glory, without much coloring. There is also an effects loop for your reverbs and delays. With its 25 watts, the Supro 1986RK is loud enough for live use. In terms of speakers, a 12" Celestion G12M-65 has been chosen, a speaker that has been known since the sixties for its woody midrange and velvety trebles. A perfect match for your overdrives! The Supro 1986RK may have been designed primarily as a pedal platform, but the 2 ECC83S tubes in the preamp have a surprising amount of fat, creamy overdrive on board, so definitely check it out if you don't use many pedals!

Wattage: 25W
Speaker: Celestion G12M-65
Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Master
Effect Loop: Yes
Speaker Jacks: 1x 8-ohm, 2x 4-ohm
Preamp Tubes: 2x ECC83S
Power Amp Tubes: 2x 6V6GT
Cabinet Material: Poplar
Tolex: Blue Rhino Hide
Dimensions: 60 x 41 x 27 cm
Weight: 19 kg