ThorpyFX Camoflange Flanger


One of the most versatile analog flangers ever! Designed by Thorpy together with Dan Coggins

The Thorpy Camoflange is a Flanger designed from the ground up. This fantastic pedal is the result of a collaboration between Adrian Thorpy and Lovetone legend Dan Coggins. The goal was to design the most versatile flanger of all time, without sacrificing that analogue, authentic magic of yesteryear. That was more than successful, because thanks to the extensive controls you can get just about every conceivable flanger sound from the Camoflange. From subtle and psychedelic to excessive and almost mechanical - the Camoflange has it all. Thanks to the treble control, you can compensate for any loss of detail and freshness. The icing on the cake is the dry output, which allows you to integrate the pedal into a wet-dry setup, for example. Totally awesome!

Effect Type: Flanger
Controls: Harmonics, Manual, Depth, Treble, Blend, Rate
Connections: In, Out, Dry Out, 9V DC In