Two Notes

Two Notes CAB M+


The ideal solution for speaker simulation. Extremely compact, and also sounds fantastic!

Two Notes hardware and software have been the standard in cabinet simulation for years. With the CAB M Plus you get an extremely high-quality product that integrates seamlessly with your existing setup. You loop your amplifier through a load box to the CAB M, which then takes care of the cabinet simulation. And you have plenty of choice: The pedal comes standard with 32 speaker simulations, 8 microphone types and even 8 room ambience types. And have you already provided your preamp sound? Turn on the built-in output stage simulation and you're good to go!

  • Speaker Simulator, IR Loader, DI Box

  • 32 impulse responses

  • compatible with third party Irs

  • Connections:

  • 6.3mm mono jack amp in

  • 6.3mm mono jack speaker out

  • 6.3mm mono jack line out

  • XLR DI output

  • 3.5mm jack headphone out

  • 3.5mm jack aux in

  • USB

  • power: 12V DC, 200mA

  • App compatible