Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner

SKU: 4-Canvas Tuner

The Canvas Tuner with full-colour LCD display and super-fast response!

The tuner is actually the most important pedal on any pedalboard. The Walrus Audio Canvas combines flexibility and reliability with extreme precision. The crystal clear LCD screen is always perfectly readable and has a great screen saver function. You can even upload your own photos to the pedal, so you can stay in the mood even when the pedal is off. Also nice: the display can be tilted in four orientations, so you can also mount the pedal crosswise or upside down on your cramped pedalboard. Because a tuner is often the first pedal in your chain, it is extra useful that you can choose between true bypass and buffered bypass. This way, your picky fuzzes and overdrives can also sit comfortably next to the Canvas.

Frequency Response: 20Hz To 20kHz
Tuning Accuracy: ±0.1 cent
THD: 0.001% @ 20Hz -20dBu, 0.001% @ 1kHz -20dBu
Noise Floor: -112dBu
Signal To Noise Ratio: 98dB @ 1kHz
Input Impedance: ~1M Ohms
Output Impedance: ~400 Ohms
Power Requirement: 9VDC, 300mA

Bypass options: True bypass via a small signal relay, Buffered bypass using a high quality op amp based buffer
Size Including Stomp/Jacks: Height: 2.21” / 56.2mmWidth: 2.42” / 61.6mmDepth: 4.55” / 115.7mm