Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Delay


New for 2023: The affordable Fundamental series from Walrus Audio!

Walrus Audio has stolen our hearts with their new Fundamental Series. The approach of this series? Making affordable pedals that are easy to operate and simply sound great, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. And you can safely leave that to the geniuses at Walrus Audio!

The Walrus Audio Fundamental Delay is a pretty complete delay pedal. First of all, you can choose from 3 different delay modes: Digital, Analog and Reverse. In Digital mode, the delay sounds crystal clear and almost hi-fi. The Analog mode sounds a lot "older" and darker. The Reverse mode is really cool: it plays the delay repeats backwards! In this mode, set the mix to 100% for Frusciante-like tricks. Did someone say Give It Away? Within these 3 modes you have control over delay time, the number of repeats and the aforementioned mix between the delay and your dry signal. Furthermore, you can easily convert the footswitch into a tap-tempo switch to determine the speed of the delay. Fine detail: the tap tempo subdivision can also be switched between 3 different values.

Effect Type: Delay
Controls: Time, Feedback, Mix, Delay Type (Digital/Analog/Reverse)
Connections: In, Out, 9v DC In