Walrus Audio

Walrus MAKO ACS1 Amp & Cab Simulator


Absolute world-class amp sounds... On your pedalboard!

"Creating the ultimate amp simulator for pedalboards" must have been on the whiteboard at Walrus Audio during the development of the ACS1. And they have not only succeeded with the ACS1, they have gone much further than you would initially expect. In addition to the already beautiful amplifier and speaker models, the pedal also has a number of cool extra options. There is a boost that can be switched off, there is MIDI on board and you can even use 2 different amplifiers in stereo!

Controls: bass, middle, treble, volume, gain, room reverb level
Connections: stereo in, stereo out, bypass switch, boost switch, usb in, headphone out, MIDI In, MIDI Out, 9v center negative power
Current Draw: 300mA
Bypass: true bypass/buffered bypass/DSP bypass