Warm Audio

Warm Audio Centavo Overdrive


A completely accurate recreation of the most legendary overdrive of all time!

The Warm Audio Centavo is an accurate recreation of one of the most unattainable overdrive pedals in guitar history. Known by its lauded boost and overdriven tones, the craze for this uber-popular pedal continues today, long after its original production from 1994 to 2009. With prices soaring into unthinkable prices for a three-knob overdrive, it's no wonder that guitar players like Jeff Beck, Joe Perry, John Mayer, and Josh Homme have found all the mythical magic of the original pedals to be worth the hype. The Warm Audio Centavo is a true-to-original overdrive pedal that authentically recreates the legendary experience and adored tones of the original, legendary box.

Accurate Recreation Of The Most Sought-After Overdrive Pedal Of All Time
Premium Components Including TL072 Op Amps, Vintage-Style Diodes, And Charge-Pump Voltage Regulator
buffered bypass operation
Gain, Treble, And Output Controls
MOD Switch on Rear For Extended Low-End Response
Custom-Cast “Champagne” Enclosure With Accurately Tapered Oxblood Knobs
1/4" Input (Inst) And Output (Amp) Jacks
Powered By 9v Battery Or Standard 9v Dc Pedal Adapter