Warm Audio

Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box


A hyper correct replica of the Foxx Tone Machine with Fairchild transistors.

Warm Audio has made a name for itself in recent years for the amazing, vintage correct microphones and outboard gear they have made such as the WA-87 microphone and the WA-76 compressor. This year the brand enters the world of effects pedals for the first time, and we are very happy about that. This Foxy Tone Box is the first pedal that Warm Audio offers and it is a replica of one of the most obscure and therefore most sought after fuzz pedals ever: the Foxx Tone Machine. Legendary guitarists such as Billy Gibbons and Peter Frampton embraced the sound in the 1970s, and today it's a common pedal on session guitarists' pedalboards. Just like the original, the Foxy Tone Box is equipped with NOS Fairchild transistors, combined with germanium transistors and film capacitors. The housing is covered with a thick velvet layer and that is amazing in itself, but it is ultimately about the sounds. And that is also completely fine; expect larger-than-life fuzz sounds with an octave function. It's a versatile pedal. For example, by using the "Mellow" setting without the Octave-up function, you get a warm, square-wave-like distortion that is really reminiscent of the old days. With the "Brite" setting in combination with higher Gain settings and the Octave-up you get over the top sounds with a lot of compression. Also works well with synthesizers and bass guitar.