Warm Audio

Warm Audio Warmdrive Overdrive


The velvety distortion of a D-style amp... On your pedalboard!

The Warm Audio Warmdrive is a true reproduction of the most sought-after "amp-in-a-box" pedal of all time, delivering the tones of a truly unattainable overdriven amp. Both guitar heroes and modern virtuosos like SRV, Eric Clapton, Robben Ford, John Mayer, Santana, and Cory Wong are known to have used either the original amplifier or the pedal inspired by it. With an artist roster like that, it's no wonder that original vintage pedals are talked about amongst the most demanding and discerning chasers of tone. Staying true to the legacy, the Warmdrive delivers all the tones of the original pedal and amplifier that inspired it.

True Reproduction Of A Legendary Amp-In-A-Box Overdrive Pedal
Premium Components: 2N7000 MOSFETs, A NE5532 Op-Amp, Carbon Resistors, And 1N34A Germanium / Schottky BAT41 Diodes
True bypass
Volume, Tone, Gain, And Voice Controls
Authentic Metal Enclosure with Carefully Tapered Knobs

1/4" Input (Inst) And Output (Amp) Jacks
Powered By 9v Battery Or Standard 9v Dc Pedal Adapter
Power Consumption: 25mA