Way Huge

Way Huge Supa Puss Delay

SKU: 4-WHE707

This blue whopper might just be the ultimate analog delay!

The Way Huge Supa-Puss is a fully analog delay designed by Jeorge Tripps. His goal was simple, but ambitious: this pedal just had to be the ultimate, most flexible analog delay ever.

When you look at the controls of the Way Huge Supa Puss, the flexibility is undeniable. The three top controls hold a lot of potential in their own right, especially since the Supa Puss can handle delay times of up to 900ms. You also have access to a tap tempo footswitch, the subdivisions of which are easy to tweak. In addition, you have control over the speed and depth of the pitch modulation; you can go for a clean, tight delay or a psychedelic warble, and everything in between.

A typical aspect of analog delays is that the echoes (repeats) "crumble" and darken as it were due to the increasing overload of analog circuits. This overdrive can be completely adjusted to taste, as well as the clarity of your repeats. Do you want a dark, falling apart delay or a stable, tight delay? The Supa Puss does it all. As far as we're concerned, Jeorge Tripps has completely succeeded in his aim, because what a bizarre delay this is!

Effect Type: Analog Delay
Controls: Delay, Mix, Feedback, Mod Depth, Mod Speed, Subdivision, Gain, Tone, Tap Tempo
Connections: In, Out, Exp, 9v DC in