De Legendarische Fortin Meshuggah!

The Legendary Fortin Meshuggah!

Feb 01, 2023Didier Smits

Very exclusive edition of the now infamous Fortin Meshuggah, limited to 50 pieces worldwide!

If there's one amp in the modern metal scene that has almost mythical status, it's the Fortin Meshuggah. This amp has inspired many a metal band to pursue the same brutal sound of Meshuggah. After years of being available only to the band itself, Mike Fortin has decided to build a limited number of 50 pieces that are now available to the general public! We can therefore proudly say that we will receive two models at Dijkmans Music.

The Fortin Meshuggah is a point-to-point handwired amplifier with 1 glorious channel of pure aggression. The basis is formed by three 12AX7 and two EL34 tubes, two Gain controllers and beasts from Heyboer Trafos. In addition, you have access to 4 separate inputs, an FX Loop and an external bias controller. So quite flexible, but don't be under any illusions: this amp is an unabashed metal explosion in every way!

Click here for the Fortin Meshuggah.

Fortin Meshuggah

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