Paoletti Guitars: Binnenkort Bij Dijkmans!

Paoletti Guitars: Soon At Dijkmans!

Feb 19, 2023Sven Broos

The modern classics of the Italian Paoletti are coming to Breda!

We can finally announce it: we are now a dealer of Paoletti Guitars! These über cool, handmade Italian guitars literally bring the past and the future together. They are made from 150 year old wine barrels from the company of the Paoletti family! This not only gives the guitars a super cool look, the resulting sound is just as special.

The Paoletti team is also seriously concerned with the ecological impact of their guitars. For example, each instrument contains less than 1 percent plastic and the brand has been a member of Ecolog since 2023, an initiative that is committed to substantial climate improvement. As part of this, Paoletti Guitars is planting 20 trees for every guitar sold!

We already have a number of very nice guitars on order, the specifications of which you will soon be able to check on our Paoletti page . So keep an eye on the website!

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