Ontwerp Jouw Ultieme Gibson: Made To Measure en Murphy Lab

Design Your Ultimate Gibson: Made To Measure and Murphy Lab

Mar 14, 2023Sven Broos

The Sky's the Limit with the Gibson Made To Measure Program!

The Gibson Made-To-Measure program has existed since 2015. The approach is actually very simple: it enables every guitarist to put together his or her dream Gibson. The possibilities here are truly endless; whether you go for a tasteful '59 Burst Les Paul or you have set your sights on a Gold Top ES-335: Within the Made-To-Measure program all your dreams come true.

One of the most popular aspects of the Made-To-Measure program is the Murphy Aging , named after Gibson Custom Shop legend Tom Murphy. Murphy was the lead developer of the aging process within the Custom Shop and is now the head of the Murphy Lab . Guitars sourced from the Murphy Lab feature the most detailed and tasteful aging in the entire Gibson Line Up. A Murphy Aging treatment will make your Gibson feel, look and sound like an old, trusted love. That can be a lightly used, played-in guitar or a guitar with serious, rough battle scars! Think of light cracks in the nitro paint and subtle oxidation in the hardware to heavy buckle rash and abraded paint.

There are 4 levels of Murphy Aging to choose from:


Your guitar feels like an instrument that you have been playing for years and that you treat it with great care. The aging consists of subtle marks such as minimal scratches in the lacquer, VOS (Vintage Original Sheen) hardware and hand-rolled fingerboard binding for a played-in, inviting feel.


Your guitar feels like you've been playing it for 50 years, especially indoors. The aging includes more intense processing of the nitro lacquer, pick marks, subtle flaking of the finish and VOS hardware.


Your guitar has been used enthusiastically for performances for decades. Think of battle scars like hefty Buckle Rash, hefty scuffs around the neck and around your arm position, and prominent markings on the top and back. The VOS hardware is also making way for Murphy Lab-Heavy Aged Hardware.


Your guitar feels like an instrument with 50 years of touring experience behind it. And you can see and feel that in, among other things, heavy buckle rash, severe weathering and parts where the finish has been completely played away. The Murphy Lab-Heavy Aged Hardware is also used here.

Dijkmans x Gibson Made To Measure & Murphy Lab

As a Gibson Dealer, Dijkmans also has a number of very nice M2M Gibsons on order. But if you really want to design your new Gibson completely from scratch, then you've come to the right place with us. You can contact us via info@dijkmansmuziek.nl, then we will be happy to help you put it together; you can share all your ideas with us! When we have determined all specifications, we request a tailor-made quote from Gibson. Do you have doubts about certain aspects of your guitar or are you looking for extra tips or inspiration? At Dijkmans we are all fans of cool guitars, so we are happy to help you with that too.

Our entire Made to Measure & Murphy Lab range can be found here !

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