Ibanez NAMM 2023 Limited Releases

Ibanez NAMM 2023 Limited Releases

Apr 13, 2023Didier Smits

Limited NAMM 2023 releases from Ibanez

As everyone is used to, a lot of new products are announced during the NAMM and limited guitars become available.

Joe Satriani JS3CR

Of course, no Joe Satriani guitar should be missing from a limited Ibanez release. This JS3 is finished in a beautiful chrome/mirror paint.

Ibanez JS3CR

Lari Basilio LB1-WH

Last year we were introduced to Lari Basilio's rugged purple signature guitar and this NAMM includes a beautiful white version. Lari has already teased it on stage in recent months and now it will also be available to the general public.

Ibanez LB1 White

Paul Stanley PS3CM

If there is an artist unanimously associated with Ibanez's Iceman model, it is Paul Stanley of Kiss. This NAMM, a very rugged version of the Iceman will be available. This PS3CM is finished in a finish that looks exactly like a glass plate that is shattering, how cool!

Ibanez PS3CM

Joe Satriani JS1BKP

Last but not least there is a Joe Satriani model. This JS1 is finished in a very beautiful Black Paisley finish, how cool!?

Ibanez JS1BKP

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