Nu Bij Dijkmans: De Gibson USA Kirk Hammett "Greeny" Les Paul Standard!

Now At Dijkmans: The Gibson USA Kirk Hammett "Greeny" Les Paul Standard!

Apr 11, 2023Dijkmans Muziek

Available now: the magical Greeny Les Paul is back!

The original "Greeny" Les Paul is one of the most iconic Les Paul guitars ever built. None other than Peter Green played it in Fleetwood, after which he changed ownership to Gary Moore, who played it frequently in Thin Lizzy. It is currently owned by Metallica's Kirk Hammett. So Greeny has been owned by 3 giant guitar legends. And that's not the only interesting thing: the neck pickup is mounted in reverse and is out of phase with the bridge pickup, resulting in a very different sound that you can hear on early Fleetwood Mac-Albums, for example.

The magic of Greeny is now captured in a very special Gibson Les Paul Standard , finished in the same Greeny Burst and with the characteristic reverse-polarity neck pickup. Now available at Dijkmans!

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