Cream-T Pickups

Exclusively available at Dijkmans Muziek: Cream T's boutique pickups!

Cream T Pickups specializes in hand-wound boutique pickups made by Thomas Nilsen. If you look at the list of artists that have already embraced the elements of Thomas and Cream T, your jaw will drop: Billy Gibbons, Keith Richards and Bernie Marsden now swear by the humbuckers of this genius! Thomas Nilsen distinguishes himself from other cartridge builders by the so-called Super Scanner technology with which he can make 100% accurate and correct reproductions of legendary and rare pickups such as the PAF cartridges from Gibbons' "Pearly Gates" Les Paul and Bernie Marsden's "The Beast". For example, the three gentlemen we mentioned earlier also have their own signature pickup sets, namely the Whisker Bucker, Banger & Smash and the Bernie Bucker. These great pickups are hard to come by and we are proud to include the Cream T pickups in our range!


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