Based on the vintage vibe of yesteryear, with the best of today: Harmony Guitars

In 1892, Harmony - one of the most famous brands of all time - was founded. After their peak in the 50's and 60's when they produced the coolest guitars for the small wallet, the brand faded into the background. Nevertheless, Harmony's instruments have maintained a certain cult status, and to this day the old Stratotone, Jupiter, Sovereign and Stella models still strike a chord with many guitarists.
Skip to 2019: Harmony Guitars is back, and stronger than ever. Led by longtime Gibson Custom Shop employee Edwin Wilson, they have an awesome new lineup of guitars - including Gold Foil pickups! - including the Silhouette and the Jupiter which revive the glory days. Yet not everything about these guitars is old-fashioned and these Harmony guitars are really something for the modern musician. Be surprised, because these guitars are cool!


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