Handmade in San Francisco, Milkman amps are the ultimate vintage-tone machines!

Together with a small team, Tim Marcus has been running one of the most impressive amplifier brands in the world for some time now. Each amp is a true labor of love and if you're looking for hyper-detailed vintage tones, a Milkman is probably right up your alley. To maintain the insanely high quality, Milkman amplifiers are built in small quantities. We at Dijkmans are all the more proud that we are a dealer!

Milkman amps are often equipped with a beautiful reverb and equally magical, smooth vibrato. You can choose from different types, which differ in their wattage. For example, there is the compact 5W Half Pint , but if you are looking for more power and headroom, the 20W Creamer might be something for you. In addition, at Dijkmans we have become quite a fan of the special coverings that Milkman offers. Our favorite is the Aunt Gertie upholstery!

Recently, Tim Marcus and his team have also been making effects pedals, such as the versatile F-Stop and the powerful Pop-Top Boost . These pedals are of the same undisputed quality we have come to expect from amps.


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